Responsible Travel

At Mongolia Expeditions we have always recognized that we are accountable for the way travel affects the local community and natural environment.

Over recent years we have strived to incorporate The Responsible Travel philosophy into all aspects of our operations. This is all about minimizing impact of travel onto nature and local cultures.

Traveling by The Responsible Travel ethics is one of the most direct and personal ways you can contribute to solving some of the biggest issues affecting our world: poverty, deterioration of natural environment and peace.

In a country like Mongolia it is extremely important to limit the group size and allow travelers have face to face experience of wild and pristine nature. There is no minimum group size but our maximum group size is 12 people and in more remote areas we limit this number to 6. We feel that any larger groups have an adverse effect.

Travel industry contribution to local communities by providing a noticeable income in return for their services as riding guides, camel and pack animal drivers, local guides and porters is also an important part of our strategy.

In all instances our trained tour guides are encouraged to share their knowledge with our local partners; the knowledge of not leaving waste behind.

Cooks and drivers’ teams are given proper education on proper disposal of tour wastes, on choosing durable camping surfaces, on digging and maintaining latrines/toilets during our expeditions.

And last but not the least, we wish travelers always respect the local communities culture and ways of life, which although have not changed for the last few hundred years has little contributed to the natural environment deterioration and to the problems facing the global community today.