The Tavan Bogd mountain range in far Western Mongolia comprises of dozens snow-capped peaks of above 4000 meters. Here Mongolia Expeditions offers its “Ultimate Mt.Khuiten” mountaineering tour to both professional and amateur climbers. The route includes the highest point of Mongolia, the 4374m Khuiten Peak overlooking the frontiers with China and Russia. Other peaks discovered include Mt. Nairamdal 4082m and Mt. Malchin 4050m.

The rest of Tavan Bogd’s valleys, glaciers and snow-capped peaks have not practically been climbed and include mountaineering routes of various degrees of difficulty. To these unnamed peaks we organize new mountaineering tours on request for passionate climbers and trekkers.

Mount Khuiten Climbing Tour

14 day fully supported climbing tour. Summit the highest peak of Mongolia at 4374m. Maximum acclimatization and leeway time. Quality outdoor and climbing equipment is provided. Most dates will be led by Gangaamaa Badamgarav, the first Mongolian woman...