Tour Description

Section 1
The Great Tea Road has been called the longest land trade route in the history of mankind, and now a key section of it will be honored as a travel route seeking to special interests of adventure travelers as you are. There is now a yearning to honor this trading history and the achievements of previous generations. In 2017, as a mark of this respect for the past, the first cycling tour along this legendary route. We are pleased to announce that section of Beijing to Ulaanbaatar TEA road cycling tour for those who are not be able to participate whole route due to limited time.
  • Total 14 days
  • 12 days of cycling with average 119 km daily distance
  • Total ascent: 8’070 m and 6’870 m descent
  • Total distance: 1,430 km

Price includes

  • 8 nights in a hotel (twin+breakfasts) in China 
  • 3 nights in a hotel (twin+breakfasts) in Mongolia 
  • 3 tented nights (twin) in Mongolia
  • Camping and cooking equipment
  • All indicated meals+bottled drinking water
  • Extra snacks and drinks on cycling days
  • Support vehicle
  • English speaking mountain biking guide 
  • Bike mechanic
  • Cook
  • Assistant cook
  • National park fees

Price excludes

  • Travel insurance
  • Sleeping bag & mat
  • Meals not indicated
  • Drinks & alcohol
  • Gratuities
  • Personal biking clothes and gear
  • Bike

Tour dates:

  • 12 May - 25 May 2018 OPEN

Price per person

  • Minimum 12 pax: 2,051 USD
  • 18 pax: 1,943 USD
  • 24 pax: 1,863 USD
  • 30 pax: 1,752 USD
China - Mongolia
We start our adventure cycling tour in Beijing, the capital city of People’s Republic of China and shall cycle 800 kms to the north border town of Erlianhaote. The Great Tea Road takes us to a visit to the Great Wall of China and provides us with closest interaction with local Chinese and experience local way of living whilst cycling through local cities and towns of Zhangjiakou, Zhangbei and Xianghaungqi. You will enjoythe way how small villages, tillages, old fashioned houses and buildings along the cycling way match perfectly with the contemporary style.
We start cycling at 7am every day, cycle our target distance of the day and check in to the hotels we shall rest and spend overnight. We shall cycle an average of 113 kms for 5-6 hours every day. You can enjoy spending your leisure time sightseeing small villages and towns in China in the afternoons. We shall cycle on paved roads. China has right hand traffic rules. Our tour meals and taste shall be Chinese, Khoton and Mongolian. We shall rest and enjoy hot springs in Saikhan Tal and visit Museum of Dinosaurs in Erlianhaote.
General outline of our adventure cycling tour in China is following:
Day 1: Arrival in Beijing.
All participants of adventure cycling tour come and gather at same hotel in Beijing. Have a welcome dinner and tour briefing. /Hotel. D/
Day 2: Beijing city tour by bike
Beijing city sightseeing tour by bike. Attraction includes: Visit the Gate of Heavenly Peace, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, and Imperial Ancestral Temple. /Hotel, B L D, Ride-96km/
Day 3: Beijing to YanQing.
Morning we start cycling from Beijing to YanQing. /Hotel, B L D, Ride-128km/
Day 4: YanQing to Zhangjiakou.
Continue cycling from YanQing head northwest to Zhangjiakou. /Hotel, B L D, Ride-59km/
Day 5: Zhangjiakou to Zhangbei.
Today early start Zhangjiakou to Zhangbei. /Hotel, B L D, Ride-164km/
Day 6: Zhangbei to Xianghaungqi.
Start cycling Zhangbei to Xianghaungqi town. /Hotel, B L D, Ride-122km/
Day 7: Xianghaungyi to Sonid Youqi.
Morning cycle from Xianghaungyi to Sonid Youqi of Inner Mongolia. /Hotel, B L D, Ride-121km/
Day 8: Sonid Youqi to Erlianhaote.
Start cycling from Sonid Youqi to Chinese border town of Erlianhaote. /Hotel, B L D, Ride-106km/
We shall cross the border of China and Mongolia in a vehicle. We shall continue cycling through vast terrain and semi gobi steppes as soon as we cross the border. We shall overnight in a hotel in Sainshand town and spend the rest of the nights in tents till we arrive in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. We shall rest one day in Ulaanbaatar and drive to visit the Giant Statue of the Great Chinggis Khaan at Chonjin Boldog. You can visit any Mongolian families living at Mongolian traditional ger dwellings and taste local Mongolian food of local Mongolians. You may wish to visit and do sightseeing at Sukhbaatar Square, Zaisan Memorial Hill and the Museum of National History. We shall cycle 3 days to reach to the Mongolian and Russian border.
General outline of our adventure cycling tour in Mongolia is following:
Day 9: Erlianhaote to Ulaan-Uul.
Today we take all border crossing procedures at Erlianhaote to Zamiin uud town and continue cycle up to the Ulaan-Uul of Mongolia. /Tent, B L D, Ride-100km/
Day 10: Ulaan-Uul to Sainshand.
Keep cycle heading to North through Mongolian steppe from Ulaan-Uul to Sainshand town. /Hotel, B L D, Ride-156km/
Day 11: Sainshand to Dalanjargalan.
Dornogobi provincial center Sainshand to Dalanjargalan village. /Tent, B L D, Ride-202km/
Day 12: Dalanjargalan to Bayan.
Cintinuous cycle bring us to Bayan soum of Tuv province. /Tent, B L D, Ride-110km/
Day 13: Bayan to Ulaanbaatar.
Cycle from Bayan to capital city of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. /Hotel, B L D, Ride-110km/
Day 14: Departure.
Departure. /B/