Mongolia Expeditions’ trekking tours are mainly organized in the Altai Tavan Bogd mountain range, in Western Mongolia. This is a home to Argali sheep, Ibex, Lynx and the elusive Snow Leopard. Our trekking tours cover glaciers and peaks, alpine lakes and rushing streams and include snow-capped peaks of Mt. Khuiten, Nairamdal, Turgen and Kharkhiraa, Lakes of Khoton, Khurgan, Achit and Uureg. Inhabited by many colorful ethnic tribes this remote part of Mongolia offers picturesque cultural encounters with the most hospitable people. Both experienced trekkers and first-time walkers may rely on Mongolia Expeditions and look forward to a safe and fun trekking tour.

Altai Tavan Bogd Base Camp Trekking Tour

11 days fully supported trekking tour in Western Mongolia. Trek through green meadows, lush forests and icy gorges, cold glaciated peaks and vast moraines. Rich cultural experiences. Comfortable camping and good food throughout the trek.

Kharkhiraa Turgen Peaks Trekking Tour

10 day supported trekking tour in NW Mongolia bordering with Russia. Route lies across alpine tundra, mountain ridges and passes, glaciers and snow capped peaks. Camel caravan carries luggage and camp, cook(s) serve meals, professional guides lead th...

Altai Mountain Trek

Majestic Altai Mountains guard the western frontiers with China and Russia. Its spectacular peaks, covered in vast glaciers, are home to Argali sheep, Ibex, Lynx and the elusive Snow Leopard. The area is inhabited by Kazakh and Tuvan hunters whose wa...